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Fara Phoenix's Fox McCloud Page!  All about the hero of the Starfox games!
"Welcome to my castle!"

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This page is new, just started on July 5, so the number of visitors isn't high:

My name is Fara, Fara Phoenix. (I hope you all remember the Nintendo Power StarFox comics!) My favorite game is, of course, StarFox 64! And who's my favorite character? Only that super hunky Fox McCloud! (We all remember the Nintendo Power StarFox comics where I, yes, me, was his significant other, right?) Here's my very small page dedicated to him! Enjoy!

Before we begin, though, I would like to thank Vixy Reinard (I think I spelled it right) for giving me lots of information on parts of Fox's history and such. Please check out her StarFox page. She's really nice and sweet, just like Fox's mother, Vixy Reinard! Thank you so much Vixy!

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Fox McCloudEnter Fox McCloud.
Fox McCloud, son to the great pilot James McCloud, is leader of the new StarFox team, consisting of Falco Lombardi, the hotheaded, sarcastic member of the team, Peppy Hare, Fox's 'second father' after losing his father to Andross (more on that later), and Slippy Toad, the female-voiced, intellegent member of the team. Fox is strictly loyal to his friends, very caring to everyone, even Falco, has a great sense of humor, and he's the best pilot anyone has ever seen.

Fox's Past
Note: Most of this is coming from the StarFox 64 game and the StarFox comics from the 1993 issues of Nintendo Power. I'm pretty vague on a lot of the history dealing with Fox McCloud. He never told me that much. Shy. So here goes… please
e-mail me with any corrections. PLEASE. I'm dying to know! Thanks!

Here's as much as I know. The fate of Fox's father is different depending on your source. The original game and the comics say that Fox's dad, whom's name was then Fox McCloud Sr., was trapped in the Black Hole, a figment of Andross' insanity, and that he was alive, but could not leave the Black Hole (which got Fox very sad, because he did see him once, while travelling through the Black Hole!). Now, the StarFox 64 game has a different story. Fox's dad, now named James McCloud, served in the original StarFox team with Peppy Hare (yes, our Peppy Hare!) and Pigma Dengar (yes, the same guy that's now in the StarWolf team. I'll explain in a minute.). General Pepper saw strange developments on Venom (where he banned Andross to). He sent James, Peppy, and Pigma to investigate. Pigma betrayed the team and James and Peppy were captured by Andross. Peppy somehow managed to escape, and he went to Corneria (Fox's home planet) to tell Fox of his dad's fate…

Now to the once-mysterious-now-not part… thanks to a particular Vixy Reinard, I now know the fate of Fox's mother, her name, all that good stuff. Her name was, well, Vixy Reinard, and when Fox was very young, Andross planted a bomb in the household car. Well I guess it was aimed at killing James/Fox. Sr. instead of Vixy, but it just happened to go off when Vixy was in there. While I am still on a hunt for find pictures of his mother, I DO have a picture of me dressed up like Fox's mother… in fact, I was once mistaken for his mother, I look so much like her. Lookie!

Fox McCloud!Fox Hunt
Andross wants the StarFox team dead. But most of all, he wants Fox. What is with his deep and utter obsession with killing off all the McClouds? Would that mean that even I, Fara, who hasn't flown an Arwing in ages, would get in trouble if Fox got over this extreme fear of flirting and proposed to me (like everyone says he did in the Japanese comics… if anyone can give me the address of the webpage with all the japanese comics and the translations, please PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE tell me!!!)? Did it start off as a simple jealousy of James McCloud for his pairing off with the lovely Vixy McCloud, Fox's mother? Was it because James was good friends with General Pepper, who banished Andross to Venom? Or does he just not like Foxes??? How come Peppy was spared and James wasn't? Was it because James was leader? Or not…

The Arwing Fighter!Fox's Secrets, Things Not Many People Know About the Team, and Stuff No One Cares About
After hanging out with the Team, fighting a little with them, being mistaken for various people, and getting close to Fox, I learned a lot of stuff that only die-hard fans will care about. I mean, just look at my
history section!

Falco's family has defied nature. Falco is a falcon (or at least I'm hoping he is!!! Look at his name!!!), but Falco's cousin is a chicken. A chicken. How did that happen???

Here's a more well known one… Slippy's father is named Beltino, and he helps Slippy make all the ships and stuff. You DID know that Slippy builds the ships, right?

Why is Peppy always next to Slippy? Why is he always so worried about Slippy? How come Slippy has a girl's voice? Inquiring minds want to know…

Fox and Falco are the fastest members of the team on foot, followed by Peppy and Slippy. Slippy and I run at the same speed. Did you care? Doubt it.

What happened to the Black Hole from StarFox? Where is it? When did the Lylat System get a sun? Why would Andross put a bio-weapon on the sun? Does this make sense to anyone???

Andrew from the Star Wolf team (the enemy of the StarFOX team) is Andross' nephew. You already knew that.

PLEASE read!
I am searching for all the StarFox comics from the Nintendo Powers. If someone will cut out all the Starfox comics from their old Nintendo Powers, I will pay you $15-$30, depending on the condition. I REALLY need them. Or if someone with lots of time and a scanner will scan the pages in, zip them all up, and send it to me, I'll be grateful. Thanks SO much!

In the mean time, my friend Vixy has alerted me of a webpage with almost all the comics on it!!! This page is a must see for Fox fans! Check out Darkfox's Domain - StarFox Comics!!!

Fox McCloud

Well, that's about it for now. Be sure to bookmark this constantly changing page on everyone's favorite character, Fox McCloud! Please visit often! Soon--- many more links, more history, more interesting tidbits, a message from Fox McCloud (I'll get him to write a letter to all you!), more pictures for all you out there who, like me, can't get enough of him, StarFox and Starfox 64 reviews, a chatroom, a Q and A section, and a heck of a lot more! Please e-mail me!!! I'll reply ASAP! Fara Phoenix signing off!

If you want to link to my page, please use this code here. Copy and paste! Thanks!

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