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Fox McCloud's Profile

Fox McCloud, my dahling...

Here's a profile of Fox for all who don't wanna read my paragraph on him, or want more specifics. Enjoy!

Name: Fox McCloud
Nickname: 'Junior'
Age: 18
Species: red fox
Home Planet: Corneria
Girlfriend: Fara Phoenix (me), or at least it's supposed to be…
Best Bud: Slippy Toad
Closest Friend: Peppy Hare (his second father)
Pet Peeve: Falco's constant whining
Position in StarFox team: leader
How he became leader: after his father's death, Peppy refused to be the leader of the team and urged Fox to follow in his father's footsteps
Eye Color: sky blue
Fur Type, color: short, mostly tan but white around the mouth, on tip of tail, above eyes, and stripe down the forehead
Strengths: loyal, great pilot, sense of humor even in the bleakest of times
Weaknesses: can be somewhat emotional at times, gets stressed easily, sometimes a little too loyal
Arch-enemy: Andross
Other Deep Hatreds: Pigma Dengar (for giving his father to Andross), and Wolf, leader of the StarWolf team
Likes: hanging out with his friends, flying his Arwing, justice
Dislikes: stress, being tied down to the ground, unfairness
If he was a candy, he'd be...: a jawbreaker, tough but sweet
Occupation: fighting pilot, leader of the StarFox team
Famous Phrases: "Just what I needed to see... Star Wolf."
"Let's take care of these guys first!"
"Geez! Can anyone else take care of it?!"

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