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StarFox and N64 Links!

Use the Arwing to find more cool places to hang out in!

Leaving so soon? Aw… well, here's a few good places for StarFox and N64 fans to hang out!

* * * * *

Nintendo of America- very cool site with lots of information, pictures, sounds, and more! Check out the Loud House chats. I'm on as 'FaraPhoenix'.

NOA's Loud House Chats- faster access to the gaming world's hottest chatrooms. Look for me, I'm 'FaraPhoenix'. the end all of StarFox 64 sites, this is Nintendo of America's little place on the Internet for all StarFox fans to reside! nice site on the Nintendo 64, I like Nintendo's site better though.

Ultra Game Players- the site of the world's funniest gaming magazine, stuff on the N64 as well as the "other" 2 'next-gen' systems

Game Pro- a very well done gaming site made by, who else, the people at Game Pro magazine

I'm looking for some good fan's sites! I'll gladly link them here! Please tell me the address, the name of the site, and I'll check it out and write it here with my opinion on it. Okay? All I ask in return is that you consider linking me, preferably with the code here! Thanks, and come again!
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