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Will you hold me for just a fair time?
~Tori Amos, "Song for Eric"

Hi! My name's Melissa and I live in Central NY. I'm 14 years old, and my birthday is December 20. I like to spend time working on webpages, hanging with my friend Patsy, and writing e-mail. I'd like to say hello to my friends Patsy, Nina, Nick, Bill, Chris, Keely, Kyle, Ashlee, Pokie, and so many more I can't even list them. And to Veronica! Hello all of you! And a special thanks to Joe Blakey, my biggest sponcer!

More stuff on me: I'm a brunette, with shoulder-length hair that tends to be extremely wavy and flips up at the end. I wish I was a redhead (I LOVE red hair... well, it looks good on girls at least). I have brown eyes and wear glasses. I'm 5'1'', 120 pounds, and I don't think of myself as anything special. My dream man? Oh, you want me to fantasize? (This might not be suitable for younger audiences, heehee!) No, this is a frequently asked question for some reason, so here goes... I want someone sweet, nice, and understanding, who's NOT GONNA CARRY AROUND 4 OTHER GIRLS at the same time! Physical looks mean almost nothing, but if I can fantasize... hmm... straight black hair an inch or so past the shoulders, blue eyes, a clean cut face... heehee, not like it matters. The personality is what really matters. Oh, some blondes are kinda cute too. ::dreams of that gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed person she knows that sadly never notices her... oh dear:: I think I should have put this on a different page. Heehee... sorry all you concerned adults out there... I'm 14, what do you expect? ::giggles::

What do I wanna be when I grow up? A writer and a voice actress! I know, sounds dull, but really, it's fun! I love writing. I'm writing a book right now. And the voice actress thing... I play Sailor Starfighter in the Sailor Stars Fandub. How fun!

There's a chance you might be visitor to my web page since 6:44 PM 9/19/97! Then again, this counter sucks, so...

Oh yeah, the background music is Silent All These Years by Tori Amos!

Come and chat in my chatroom, Melissa's Backyard.

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Titanic is the greatest movie ever made.