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Melissa's TV and Movie Reviews

Hey, if you live in Auburn NY, will someone take me to Titanic? I don't want to go alone...


Jurassic Park - The Lost World

This movie stunk to high heaven. I'm not even going to bother writing about it's storyline… because there wasn't one!!! Save your money and rent the first one! You'll like that much more than this evil thing.

Coolest Part: when the dinosaur was wrecking havoc in San Fran. That should have been the whole movie. It might have gotten 2 stars then.

Time to go get a refill of Coca Cola: I don't recommend it. After all, getting your nice clothes all wet after you've fallen asleep.

Times I've fallen asleep: 3

Beavis and Butthead Do America
and a half

On a quest to find a TV, Beavis and Butthead find themselves wandering all across America. Better than the Lost World movie. Worth a rental.

Coolest Part: you get to see Beavis and Butthead's fathers

Time to go get a refill of Coca Cola: the trunk scene, where Beavis and Butthead are stuck in this dude's trunk. But make it a fast refill, okay?

Times I've fallen asleep: 0


The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

A news show with an attitude. Puns, jokes, and laughter abounds in the Daily Show.

Star Factor: the host, Craig Kilborn

This or the 5 o'clock news?: both

Sailor Moon
- American Version

- Japanese version (not on TV)

This show has been seriously dubbed by DiC. In Japan, the show's audience is 13+ year olds. In America, they aim for 6 and 7 year olds. This show is about a group of teenage superheroines, who, when not fighting evil, chase boys, go shopping, do homework, and act like normal 14 year olds. For more info, go to my SM Page. For Japanese episodes, go to Chibiusa's page. Or, if you live in Auburn, NY, just ask moi! Heehee!

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