It's an EGG!
Welcome to the magnificent world of the Tamagotchi! What are Tamagotchi? Well, plainly put, Tamagotchi are virtual pets that you can carry around.

Virtual pets. Controlled by a computer inside the egg-shaped 'shell', Tamagotchi are little 'pets' that you can feed, clean, give shots, play with, and pretty much all you can do with regular pets, save the physical contact.

'Kay… how do you prounouce it?
Tamagotchi is pronounced 'Ta-ma-got-chee'. NOT To-mo-goat-chee or Ta-ma-goo-chee. TA-MA-GOT-CHEE. ;-)

What do they look like?
For people with text-only browsers, I'll try to explain this as best I can. Imagine a plastic egg, only a little flatter and colored. Cut out the center in the shape of a square and put a piece of plastic there. Okay? Now put 3 round buttons on the bottom half of the egg, below the screen, one directly below, one on the left, and one on the right. Put a keychain or a plain chain on the top. Wala! A Tamagotchi!

Or for people with graphical browsers, take a gander at this picture:

Tips please?

  • Don't feed your Tamagotchi too many snacks! It might get a bellyache and a fat Tamagotchi isn't very attractive!
  • Feed and play with your Tamagotchi--- even if it's not asking for it!
  • Turn off your Tamagotchi's lights at night so it can get some sleep…
  • Give a shot to your Tamagotchi only when it is sick!
  • Clean up after your Tamagotchi so it can't get sick!

My Tamagotchi changed!!!!
Tamagotchis are unique in the sense that they can change as they grow older and are taken care of! For example, a poorly taken care of Tamagotchi may turn into a tadpole-like creature, while a greatly taken care of one will turn into something different! Here's a graph!

Bandai's Tamagotchi Page!
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