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Adopt a Kitty for Your Web Page!

These Kitties will romp and play on your web page!

Hi! My name is Diana! I like to romp and play, and I get along with everyone!

Hi, my name is Sleeper! I like to sleep and I'm really easy to take care of!

Hi, I'm Pouncer. I like to play and laugh. I need a good home.

Hi, I'm Jumper! I'm a little wild and rowdy, but I make a good best friend.

My name is Sprinter. I like to play and chase things, and I only take small catnaps. Please take me home!

My name is Artemis! I like to joke around, sleep, and hang around my owner! Adopt me!

Aren't these guys so cute! Now, follow the instructions below to adopt one!

Purr! My name is Luna. I like to get things done and help people with things. I'll be your friend!

What's Yer Name:
Where will kitty live (page URL):
What kitty do you want:
What will kitty's name be?:
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