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 Name: Melissa L.
 Age: 13
 B-day: December 20
 Sign: Sag.
 Boyfriend?: Nope...
 School: West Middle School
 Hair: Black, shoulder-length, wavy
 Eyes: brown, glasses (ugh!)
 Height/weight: About 5'2'', 120 pounds
 Favorite food: pasta!!!
 Favorite drink: root beer!
 Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, and fushigi yuugi
 Favorite Songs: Anything by Wilson Phillips, Jennifer Cihi, Smashing Pumpkins
 Best Online Buds: NinaC, Malecite, Qwill32, SMrcury, Edge3449... I love all of you!!!
 Best Reallife Friend: Patsy H.
 Hobbies: Talking on the phone and the PC, computer, webpages, smiling, writing
 Dream Jobs: Editor of a computer magazine and a voice actress
 Languages: English, some Spanish, a little Japanese
 Personality: A little silly and ditzy, a little quiet, likes to think of herself as a good friend
 Favorite Sailors from Sailor Moon: Jupiter, Venus, Starfighter, Neptune, Saturn
 Phrase: "In my case, what you see is definately not what you get!" - Mina Lockhart